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Nothing beats having quality roofing sheets installed properly over your commercial space. We’re not just the standard commercial construction company that offers one-size-fits-all solutions. Our roofing services are tailored to meet each client’s need at any time. In line with our commitment to delivering only quality services, we use the highest quality materials, fold our sleeves, and get to work. Trademark Contractors is a brand to beckon when you seek long-lasting roof installation. Reach out to us now.

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your business building, with wind-resistance sheets that are effective and cost-effective, flat roofing is a great option. We’re a team you can always count on for unmatched flat roof installation. Our experienced roofers have a high mastery of delivering flat roofing services, and we go far and above to install durable flat roofs that stand various weather conditions. Despite your structure and specifications, we’ll work with you hands-in-glove to deliver excellent flat roof system.

Trademark Contractors is synonymous with quality commercial roofing services, and we’ve mastered what it takes to install long-lasting roofing systems, rain or shine.


Sean Thomason

Sean Thomason

Director of Operations Commercial Roofing
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