Commercial Construction in Atlanta

Despite a rapidly growing population, Atlanta is still regarded as being “the most livable city” with more green space per resident than any other major U.S City. Atlanta is famous for many fantastic things like Braves, Falcons, and Hawks but in recent years the city has been revitalized in a trend of “urban renewal”.

Downtown Atlanta has been rushed to new hotels, office towers, dining options, shops, and parks to accommodate population boom. Construction companies are always embracing and adopting innovation to compete in the rising market demand and maintain high-quality standards.     

Atlanta has always been a hub of commercial contractors and construction professionals. Several trends are shaping the construction industry with every passing year. Revolutions like offsite construction, increasing reliance on technology, and focus on resiliency are some of the trends to watch.

Atlanta has always enjoyed a modernist architecture with its skyline emerging with modernist skyscrapers. Most of Atlanta’s skyscrapers were built in the late 1980s depicting interests in construction and infrastructure. The city’s embrace of modern architecture translated into an ambivalent approach toward historic prevention.  

With its growing population and diverse demographics, the home builders and constructors are busy breaking ground on properties in and around Atlanta. When it comes to residential construction, it just keeps getting better.

The homeowners are moving up and are active in desire for something new and innovative. With energy-efficient innovations and smart technology on the rise, new construction home buyers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. With increased awareness, they are looking to lower heating and cooling bills. With smartphone apps, homeowners are looking for ways to control their home remotely to see if the lights are off and the thermostat is at the proper setting.

As a leading commercial construction company in Atlanta, we are aware of the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities, beyond the basics, for our continued success. Trademark contractors believe in adopting innovation and technology for elevating the quality of the final delivery.

Because of our infrastructure based on smart technologies we’re able to perform all on-job tasks; like managing resources, labor, materials, scheduling equipment, and managing change orders; efficiently. Our team has incorporated essential technological tools including cloud-based collaboration tools, BIM, and automation tools to reduce the burden of manual administrative work and high-performance products.

So if you’re looking to undertake a commercial construction project in Atlanta; we’re the right kind of the contractor to ease off your worries. Our hundreds of satisfied clients and our 5-star ratings are self-explanatory for our top quality commercial construction services. We’re pioneers in the roofing industry, insulation, and masonry trades of Atlanta. Just give us a call and our sales rep would be happy to serve you.      

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